4th of July Craft Ideas: Patriotic Bracelet

If you have been looking for 4th of July craft ideas that will make a fun activity, this patriotic bracelet would be great to make. Even younger kids will be able to make these bracelets, and it can make a fun activity for them to do on the 4th!

4th of july craft ideas

4th of July Craft Ideas: Patriotic Bracelet Instructions

4th of july craft ideas

What you will need:

White hemp or string

Four red and four blue beads

Two red and two blue star beads

One large round red or blue bead

Masking tape

Step 1:

First cut one 70" piece of hemp and one 30" piece of hemp. Fold each piece in half and line up the two folded ends. Then make an overhand knot as seen in Photo A. Make sure the loop ends up being just big enough to fit over the large round bead, but not too big. 4th of july craft ideas

Step 2:

Then, tape down the loop to your working surface, and tape down the ends of the two smaller pieces of hemp. You then can begin with the square knot. To do this, take the right piece of hemp and thread it underneath the taped down pieces and over the left piece. See Photo B. 4th of july craft ideas

Step 3:

Now take the left piece and thread down through the loop that was created on the right side. See Photo C. Pull the two ends tight, and you have completed the first knot. Now repeat this, only start with the left side this time, threading it under the center pieces and over the right. Alternate starting sides for each knot. This will create a flat pattern, as in photo D.

Note: If you do not alternate the side you start on, you will end up with a spiraling pattern rather than flat. This can be a nice look too, if you decide to do that instead. 4th of july craft ideas 4th of july craft ideas

Step 4:

For our bracelet, we did 6 knots, then untaped the ends of the short pieces and threaded on a red bead, a blue star bead, and another red bead. Then taped down the center strings and continued with another 6 knots. We continued this pattern, stringing on the beads after every 6 knots. After the last set of beads, we did 6 more knots, and then threaded on the large round bead. We then did another overhand knot, trying to get it tight as close as possible to the large bead. Then any extra hemp is cut off near the knot. Photo E shows what this should look like. Then your bracelet is done!

4th of july craft ideas

Our bracelet turned out to be about 7" long. If this is too large or small for your wrist, try either taking out, or adding one or more extra square knots between each set of beads. For kids, you will probably want to make it smaller.

Tip: You could also make this a little longer and wear it as an ankle bracelet.

We hope you liked this project, and for more 4th of July craft ideas, please click the below link...

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