Hello everyone! Welcome to Holiday Crafts and Creations. My name is Kelli, and I run this site with my mom, Greta. We come from a very creative family, so crafts have been something that we both have always enjoyed. While neither of us have ever been particularly skilled with computers, we thought it would be a fun and new challenge to try our hand at creating a website as a way to do something with our creativity.

We began our site in 2009 with just a few craft ideas that we had from the past, and old craft supplies that my grandma had saved. But pretty soon we were coming up with more ideas than we could get posted on our site, and making frequent trips to the craft store! In fact we always seem to have more ideas than we have time to create them! But we hope to continue adding more and more craft ideas and making our site that much bigger.

All of the crafts on our site are our original work, and we try to keep our ideas as unique and fun as possible. As you may be able to tell from the craft ideas we have, we are especially fond of working in felt and polymer clay. My mom usually creates most of the felt ideas we have, but I love to work with it too! And I’ve been playing around with polymer clay since I was pretty young, so I can’t help but do a few polymer clay projects here and there! But we also love to try new mediums and see what other fun crafting products there are to work with. There is always something new to try!

We love hearing any input our visitors have to give as well! If you have any questions, comments, or even any craft ideas and suggestions, we are always eager to hear from you. So feel free to contact us. Also we invite you to like us on Facebook if you want to get updates on our latest holiday crafts. Well, we hope you enjoy our crafts, and thank you so much for visiting our site!

Happy crafting!

Kelli & Greta

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