Christmas Wreath Ideas:
Candy Cane Wreath

If you are thinking about making a wreath and need some Christmas wreath ideas, then you might want to try this really easy candy cane wreath. It’s very inexpensive and simple to do, and would also make a great kids Christmas craft project because there is a lot of ripping and tearing involved! How fun is that?!

Or maybe you are looking for some easy homemade gift ideas? This candy cane wreath could be a great idea for someone on your list!

christmas wreath ideas

Materials For Christmas Wreath Ideas:
Candy Cane Wreath

christmas wreath ideas

  • Wire hanger

  • Red fabric (about ½ yard)

  • White fabric (about ½ yard)

  • Ribbon

  • Scissors

Instructions For Christmas Wreath Ideas:
Candy Cane Wreath

christmas wreath ideas

Form your wire hanger into the shape of a candy cane. To do this, simply pull the bottom of the hanger (in the center) down until the hanger's pointed corners are straightened out and touching. Then bend and shape the hook of the hanger until it looks like the curved top of a candy cane.
See photo A.

Cut a series of small slits in the fabric about 1" apart.
See photo B.

christmas wreath ideas

Now rip the fabric into strips. Then cut the strips about 6" to 7" long. See photo C. Don't worry too much about the ragged edges; that's part of the charm of a rag wreath!

christmas wreath ideas

Starting at the bottom of the candy cane, begin tying the strips of fabric onto the wire. Fold each strip in half before you tie them on the wire. This way the right side of the fabric is more apt to show than the backside. As you tie the strips around the wire, be sure to scrunch them tight against each other, the tighter the better.

Important Note: The first few strips need to be tied on around the single wire loop at the bottom of the candy cane. Do not tie the first strips around both wires at the bottom of the candy cane, because as you tightly scrunch the strips together, the bottom ones would end up being pushed off. By tying a few around the loop first, the bottom strips will not be able to slide off. See photo D.

christmas wreath ideas christmas wreath ideas

After you get some tied on the bottom loop, you can then begin to tie the strips around both the wires at once, and they won’t be able to fall off the end. See photo E.

Continue tying and tightly scrunching the knotted strips together. Alternate red and white fabric as often as you see fit. When you reach the other end of the candy cane, you will need to make sure that the wire curls into a small loop. If it does not, simply take some pliers and bend a small loop. You need this loop so you can do the same thing as when you started; tie the very last strips around the single wire of the loop, so that all the strips beforehand cannot work their way off the end.

Fluff the strips of fabric as needed and trim any pieces that seem to be too long.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the top of the candy cane to hang it by. Your candy cane wreath is now finished, and ready to decorate your home!

christmas wreath ideas

We hope you enjoyed making this easy homemade Christmas wreath. If you would like more "no sew crafts" or more easy to make Christmas decorations, click the link below.

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Courtney Says:

Oh Im so going to make one of these tonight! I knew I kept those dodgy old wire coat hangers for a reason!

sharon Says:

this is so cute! I want to make one

jennifer Says:

Awesome!! Cant wait to make me one and its only April. This would also be a cute idea for 4th of July red white and blue with a star!!

Maria Says:

This is such an adorable idea.

Karen Farley Says:

What quick and easy project. Helps to find projects that you can complete in an evening.