Fathers Day Cards: Shirt Pocket Cards

These cute Fathers Day cards are meant to look like the pocket on a man's shirt. Pick out a gift card you know your dad will like, and it can go in the pocket, and be a card and gift all in one! Here we have two different shirt styles, but you can be creative and design just about any shirt that would best suit your dad's own style.

fathers day cards

For the first of our two fathers day cards, we bought two styles of striped scrapbook paper, one for the shirt and one for the tie. The background of the card consists of the blue striped paper bordered in blue construction paper (But don't glue/tape this down to the card yet!). The pocket, tie, and collar are all patterns you can get by printing the template provided (.pdf file). Note: The triangular pattern is for the collar on the next card.

We cut out the pocket and the collars in the same blue striped paper, but made sure the stripes were at an angle so they would stand out. They were also then bordered in blue construction paper. The tie was cut out of our other scrapbook paper, also with the stripes at an angle.

The first part to be secured down was the pocket. This was done by stitching around the border with blue embroidery thread, about 1/4" from the edge of the pocket. Tip: If you sew this onto the background paper before taping or gluing the background onto your card, it is both easier to do, and you won't see the stitches inside the card.

The pocket should now have just enough room to fit a standard gift card. Next, the collar and tie was taped down. As you can see, part of the left collar had to be trimmed in order to give the tie enough room on the card.

As a finishing touch, we put metal adhesive dots on the tips of each collar. These can be found in the scrap-booking section of most craft stores. We then finally taped the whole thing onto the card. At this point your card is ready for a gift card in the pocket and your done!

fathers day cards

While our first card fits a dad that is more into office work, this version of the shirt pocket card would be great for any handy dad that is always building or working on something. The patterns for the pocket and collar are on the template mentioned above.

For this card we were able to find plaid scrapbook paper as the "material" for the shirt. We bordered the background, the pocket, and the collar all in black scrapbook paper. The first thing we did was stitch the pocket onto the plaid background piece of paper using white embroidery thread, again 1/4" from the edge. We next sewed down the three buttons along the right side of the card.

Tip: As with the previous card, if you sew these things onto the background piece before taping it onto the card itself, it will be easier and won't show on the inside.

For the stitches on the collar, we started in the left corner, and stitched across to the right corner Note: For this step we did not stitch it onto the background, we simply stitched it just for looks.

Then the top strip of the collar is taped to the top of the background. This way the collar is a flap, and the card can be tucked under it. We again used metal adhesive dots, this time on the corners of the pocket. Then tape down the background to the card and you are done!

Hopefully one of these two Fathers Day cards would fit your dad's style, but if not, take some time to look through the scrap-booking paper. Other possible "materials" are denim or leather.

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This is a super fun idea for a gift card! I posted it on my blogtoday! Check it out here: http://vixenmade.blogspot.com/2011/06/fathers-day-frenzy.html

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