Homemade Fathers Day Gifts:
Sports Rear-View Mirror Charm

If you have been looking for sports related homemade Fathers Day gifts because your dad is really into a certain sport or team, then this rear-view mirror charm could be a great idea to try.

This charm is made from polymer clay, which is pretty easy to work with. Pick the two colors of your dad's favorite sports team, and then the colors needed to make the ball of that sport. So if your dad loves sports, this is a fun and easy way to tell him that he is the "BEST DAD"!

homemade fathers day gifts

homemade fathers day gifts

What You Will Need:

Polymer clay in the colors of your choice (2 colors for the letters, and any other colors you need for the ball)

10 round beads (choose a color that goes well with the clay colors)

Embroidery thread in a matching color

A large needle

Instructions for Homemade Fathers Day Gifts: Sports Rear-View Mirror Charm

homemade fathers day gifts

Step 1:

Start by rolling seven balls of clay that are about 1.5 cm in diameter. Make 3 in one color and 4 in the other color. Then roll 14 clay balls that are about 1 cm in diameter. Roll 6 of these in the same color that you rolled 4 large balls, and 8 of these in the same color that you rolled 3 large balls. See Photo A for an example of this in green and yellow.

homemade fathers day gifts

Step 2:

Next you will flatten each of the larger balls. Press them flat until they are about 1/2 cm thick, but not much thinner. You may want to lightly roll them on their edges to give the edge a flatter look. Once you have done this, flatten out the smaller balls until they are around 1/4 cm thick or thinner. Then place two of these smaller flattened circles on either side of a larger circle in the opposite color. Do this for all the remaining clay circles. Make sure they are pressed on well. See photo B for a top and side view of what this will look like.

Step 3:

It is now time to put on the letters. First line up four of the circles in a row so that their colors are alternating. On these four circles you will spell out the word "BEST". We made all letters capital. Simply roll out a long thin piece of clay with your hand and then form it into the letter. Again, you will want the color of the letter to be the opposite color as the background you are placing it on. Put a letter on each side so it can be read from either side as it hangs from the rear-view mirror.

Tip: Make sure that when you put the letter on the other side it is still in the same direction and not tilted. Remember, these will be strung on embroidery thread and you want the letters to be straight when looking at either side.

Once you have spelled out "BEST" line up the other three circles. There should be 2 of one color and 1 of the other, so alternate these as well. Then spell out "DAD". homemade fathers day gifts

Step 4:

Next, get out your needle and poke a hole through the center of each clay circle. Make sure the hole runs from the top of the letter to the bottom, and not side to side. Make the hole as large as possible by wiggling the needle around. You want it to be big enough to get the thread through later. See photo C.

Step 5:

It is almost time to bake the beads! But first you must make the sports ball bead. Photo D shows an example of a basketball and a football. For the basketball we rolled a ball that was about 2 cm in diameter. Then we just placed long thin strips of black clay around it. The football was about the same size ball of clay as the basketball and then we molded it into a football shape and decorated with white strips of clay. To get that dented texture, we used the round end of a pin, but anything with a very small rounded end could be used. This would be a perfect look for a golf ball! So be creative! If your dad likes something other than football or basketball, think up a cute design for any other sport he may like.

Remember that this is a bead too, so poke a hole through it before you bake them.

homemade fathers day gifts

Step 6:

Bake all the beads according to the directions on the package. However, we find that sometimes they can be baked for a little less time. If you are using any white, you certainly don't want to risk it burning and turning brown! And this is coming from experience!

Optional: After the beads are baked and cooled, spray them with an acrylic sealer to give them a shiny look. This can be found at most craft stores. homemade fathers day gifts

Step 7:

Now cut a piece of embroidery thread that is about 45" long, and divide it down so it is only three strands rather that six. Next thread on one of your 10 small round beads. Bring the bead to the center of the thread, and then bring the two ends of the thread together so the bead is hanging at the bottom. Your thread will now be roughly 22" long and six stranded again, only with a bead on one end now. Thread on your "T" bead so the round bead is below it. Next thread on another round bead followed by "S". Continue until you have threaded on "B" and a round bead above it.

Thread on another round bead this time rather than a letter. Then thread on "D" only thread it on upside-down from what you have been doing. Follow this by a round bead, then "A" and continue the pattern, using the ball bead as the last one. Finally thread on the last round bead. Then tie a knot around this last bead to anchor it in place and cut off any extra tail.

You are now done with your sports rear-view mirror charm and it is ready to give to dad this Father's Day!

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Homemade Fathers Day Gifts: Sports Rear-View Mirror Charm

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