New Years Party Ideas:
Countdown Champagne/Wine Charms

Are you throwing a New Years party and want to find some fun New Years party ideas? These countdown to New Years wine charms are a great way for your guests to keep track of which glass is theirs. And when it's time to countdown the final seconds to the new year, each guest can cheer out "their second" in the countdown as they raise their glass to toast the New Year. They are easy to make since we have provided the printable cut-outs for the charms. The gold tulle will give an elegant touch to your party.

New Years Party Ideas: Countdown Champagne/Wine Charms

new years party ideas


new years party ideas

What You Will Need:

Gold Tulle Fabric (6" wide spool)

Key tags (split ring) - 1 1/4" diameter

Glue or tape


Photo paper

Safety pin or needle

Step 1:

Print out the Countdown Charm Tags template (PDF file). We suggest you print them on photo paper because the image will look sharper. If you don't have photo paper, then regular paper will be just fine. Cut out the number of tags that you will need for the number of guests that you are inviting.

new years party ideas

Step 2:

Remove the rings from the key tags. Now glue or tape down the charm tags to the front of the key tags. Now make sure the hole is at the top of the charm tag, or they will be hanging crooked or upside-down!

new years party ideas

Step 3:

Now using a safety pin or needle, poke a hole in the photo paper through the key tag hole. Poke a hole just big enough to thread the ring back onto the key tag.

Step 4:

Cut 2 pieces of tulle, each in 12" lengths. Bunch the pieces length-wise so you can feed them through the ring. Bring the ring to the center so you have 6" of tulle on each side of the ring. Now wrap the two ends around the stem of the glass, crossing them in the back, and bringing both ends around to the front again so the tulle can be knotted in the front. We just used a simple knot.

Now to give the tulle ends a more finished look, cut points or jagged ends to each side of the tulle. You may want to cut an inch or so off as well, so the ends aren't so long. Take a look at the picture below to get an idea of what this looks like.

new years party ideas

We hope you liked this idea and our countdown tags. This idea is fairly quick to complete and will give your guests something fun to do as they countdown to the New Year. For more holiday entertaining ideas, click the link below.

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this is really cute!

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What a clever idea for New Year's Eve, I love it. I'm going to make these for my party. Thanks for the free templates!

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