Helpful Hints: Sewing Sequins

Step 1:

Sewing sequins onto fabric or felt is quite easy once you get the hang of it. If using embroidery thread, pull off only one strand to use, as you don’t want the thread to be very thick. First you need to thread the needle and then poke the needle through the edge of the fabric from underneath, where you want to begin sewing them on. It is best to work about 1/8” from the edge of the material. Leave a tail of at least two inches or more on the backside. sewing sequins

Step 2:

Thread through the bottom and out the top of the sequin and push it down against the fabric so the top side is facing up (most have a top and bottom side). Then, on the very edge of the sequin, poke the needle back down through the fabric. Now tie a knot with the tail end that you just left.

sewing sequins

Step 3:

Next you want to come up through the fabric with the needle fairly close to where you just went down. Be sure you leave enough fabric in between the two stitches so the thread does not rip through the edge of the fabric. Now thread on another sequin, once again from the bottom side up. Push it all the way down. The sequins should be overlapping just enough so you can’t see the thread. Now do the same thing as before. Push the needle back through the fabric at the edge of the sequin.

Continue to repeat this along the edge of the fabric. It should become easier once you’ve done it for a little while. The end result is very little visible thread. Sequins

Step 4:

Once you have sewn on the last one, the thread should be on the under side of the fabric. Then, as best as you can, tie a knot with this tail end and the previous stitches. Keep the thread on the needle to do this, as it makes it easier to work with the stitches.


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