Button Valentine Wreath

This valentine wreath is a great way to use and display an old collection of buttons. If you don’t have many however, most craft stores should have a nice selection of buttons to choose from. Once finished, this wreath will bring a charming look to your home for Valentine’s Day, and can be a keepsake for future generations.

Valentine wreath

What You Will Need:

Pink felt (one sheet)

cardboard (about 8" x 8")

Assorted pink, red and purple buttons

Two pieces of ribbon (at least 1' each)

Sewing needle

White or pink embroidery thread or regular thread

Hot glue gun


Step 1:

You will first need to sketch a heart that is about 7 inches wide on the cardboard (You can make it any size really). Then sketch a second smaller heart about one inch inside the first one. Then cut out the heart and the center. This will be the backbone of your valentine wreath.

Step 2:

Next, you will lay the cardboard heart on the felt. Trace a heart onto the felt that is at least an inch wider on both the inside and outside. Then cut a notch out of the bottom point and the point in the center. Also cut slits into some of the curved areas of the heart. This will make it easier to fold the felt around the cardboard later on. You may have to make a few more cuts when you are gluing if the felt won’t fold around easily.

Note: If you plan on sewing the buttons on, DO NOT glue the felt down to the cardboard yet. Set the cardboard piece aside for now. But if you are hot-gluing the buttons on, go ahead and glue the felt down now.

Step 3:

Next you will begin sewing or gluing on the buttons. I think sewing them on adds to the cuteness of the valentine wreath, but hot glue is certainly faster. The bottom point of the heart is a good place to start. Also, set aside two buttons for later.

If sewing, simply place a button where you want it, thread the needle up through the felt and back down through the other hole. Once the button is knotted on, you are on your way. (Tip: Be sure to leave a long enough tail of thread so that when you have come back around, you have a way of tying off the thread.) Be sure to only sew on buttons in the center portion of the felt. Line up the felt with the cardboard piece every so often to be sure the buttons are still centered.

Step 4:

Once you have sewn back around to where you started, tightly tie off the thread with the original tail that you left. Now you will want to center the felt piece with the buttons over the cardboard. This will be easiest if the button side of the felt is facing down. Start to wrap pieces of the felt over and hot-glue them onto the cardboard. It is important to keep checking that the buttons are centered and haven’t shifted off to one side of the cardboard. Speaking from experience, it is pretty hard to undo something that is hot-glued on!

Step 5:

Now all that is left is gluing on the ribbon to hang it by, and the bow. For this example, I chose a pink ribbon to hang it by, and a very thin red ribbon for the bow. On the back, hot-glue one end of the pink ribbon to one side of the heart and the other end to the other side of the heart. This forms a loop to hang the valentine wreath by.

For the bow, you will first want to cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long, and another piece that is about 4 inches long. With the longer piece, form a figure eight, and place a little glue in the center to hold it. Do the same thing with the smaller piece, and glue it in the center of the larger piece (For a visual, see the pictures of the finished wreath). Next take a small piece of ribbon and wrap it around the center to hide the glue. Glue the ends down on which ever side you want to be the back.

Now cut one last piece of ribbon, about 3 inches long. Then take the two buttons you set aside earlier, and glue one to each end of ribbon. Finally, fold the ribbon in half and glue the folded portion to the back of your bow, and the bow is now complete! Glue the bow to the top center point of the valentine wreath, and you are finished!

valentine wreath

You now have a beautiful valentine wreath to display in your home for Valentine’s Day!

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