Beginner Sewing Patterns:
Mini Easter Banner

This Easter banner is another one of our easy-to-make beginner sewing patterns. It's also part of our mini holiday banner series. It measures only 9" wide by 12" tall and is made entirely of felt and embellished with a few beads. It's really inexpensive to make and this banner can be sewn completely by hand, so you don't even need a sewing machine for this project. If you like this banner and would like to see some more free printable embroidery patterns for Easter, then be sure to check out our Easter crafts home page.

Beginner Sewing Patterns: Mini Easter Banner

beginner sewing patterns

  • Easter banner pattern
  • Felt: full sheet of medium purple (9" X 12")
  • Other felt: light pink, medium pink, light blue, light purple, dark purple, yellow, light green , light teal, white
  • Embroidery floss: medium pink, dark pink, light blue, light purple, dark purple, medium yellow, light green, light teal, white and black

beginner sewing patterns

  • Ribbon (3/8" wide)
  • Two buttons (5/8" to ¾" wide)
  • Sewing needle
  • Bead needle
  • Scissors
  • 5 white pearl beads (1/8" wide)
  • 1 black bead (1/8" to 3/16" wide)
  • 6 pink seed beads
  • 14 light green seed beads
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard (1" X 8")

beginner sewing patterns

Print and cut out the Easter banner pattern. Trace and cut out the squares with the color of felt indicated on the square pattern pieces. Next, using the whip stitch, sew all the felt squares onto the 9" X 12" sheet of medium purple felt. The outer edge border is ½" and in-between each square is ¼".

Trace and cut out the design pattern pieces with the felt colors listed by each photo.

beginner sewing patterns

Happy Square:

(No felt pieces)

The word "happy" is stitched on using the backstitch in dark pink floss. To learn how to transfer the word "happy" onto your felt, see our How to Transfer Designs Onto Felt helpful hints page. Pick either method #1 or #2. Method #3 is not recommended for this project.

beginner sewing patterns

Tulip Square:

Flower – medium pink felt
Leaves – light green felt
Two pearl beads

beginner sewing patterns

Easter Square:

Letters – dark purple felt
beginner sewing patterns

Top Egg Square:

Egg – medium pink felt
Thin stripes – light pink felt
Wide stripe – light teal felt
Three dots – light pink felt
(Sew on with a French knot or seed beads)
Six pink seed beads

beginner sewing patterns

Bottom Egg Square:

Egg – yellow felt
Both wavy stripes – light purple felt
14 light green seed beads
beginner sewing patterns

Bunny Square:

Bunny – white felt
2 flowers – medium pink felt
1 flower – yellow felt
Leaves – light green felt
3 pearl beads
1 black bead

Now, using the backstitch or running stitch (we used the backstitch), sew the design pattern pieces onto their appropriate backgrounds. Use the photos above and the photo at the bottom of the page as placement guides.

After the felt pieces have been sewn on, embellish:

  • The tulip with 2 pearl beads.
  • The top egg with 6 pink seed beads.
  • The bottom egg with 14 green seed beads.
  • The bunny with 3 flowers. Sew one stitch on each petal and a pearl bead in the center of each flower. Sew the leaves on with one stitch in the center of each leaf. Sew on a black bead for the bunny's eye.

Using about 15" of ribbon, sew the ends of the ribbon to the top corners of your banner, on the backside. Make sure your stitches are placed where they will later be hidden behind the large buttons on the front. Now sew a large button in each top corner to cover the stitches from the ribbon.

Cut about a 1" X 8" strip of cardboard and glue it to the back of the banner. Only glue the two ends of the cardboard strip and be sure to place the glue right behind the two large buttons. This way no glue will show from the front. You could use any type of glue you would like, but we would suggest using hot glue.

beginner sewing patterns

Your Mini Easter Banner is now finished!

Beginner Sewing Patterns: Mini Easter Banner

beginner sewing patterns

If you like sewing by hand and would like more free printable embroidery patterns, be sure to check out our other holiday sections because we have many more banner and garland patterns for you to make.

And for more beginner sewing patterns for Easter, click the link below.

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