Homemade Fathers Day Gifts:
Beaded Rear-View Mirror Charm

If you are looking for quick and easy homemade fathers day gifts, this beaded rear-view mirror charm is great for kids of all ages to make. You can make the matching beaded key-chain to go with this rear-view mirror charm and you'll have a nice gift set to give to your dad this Father's day!

homemade fathers day gifts

homemade fathers day gifts

What You Will Need:

Leather cord or hemp

8 decorative beads (We used Jewelry Essentials: Naturals - Ancient beads)

4 round wooden beads

4 silver beads

2 photo frame charms


Step 1:

Cut two pieces of cord that are each 26" long. Fold each in half.

Step 2:

On one strand of cord, start by threading on a photo charm and then a decorative bead. Then about a 1/2" up from the bead, tie a knot.

homemade fathers day gifts

Step 3:

Now thread on the rest of the beads. The pattern that we used was:

Decorative bead

Wooden bead

Silver Bead

Decorative bead

Silver bead

Wooden bead

Decorative bead

Step 4:

Now repeat the above steps for the other cord.

Step 5:

Take the two cords and tie them together at the end, using an overhand knot. Trim the remaining cord tail to the desired length.

Step 6:

Insert a photo into each frame, and your rear-view mirror charm is complete!

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im_different Says:

i reckon this is a good as gift -- thanks for the idea !!!!!

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