Homemade Fathers Day Gifts: Beaded Keychain

If you are looking for quick and easy homemade fathers day gifts, this beaded key chain is great for kids of all ages to make. You can make the matching rear-view mirror charm to go with this key chain and you'll have a nice gift set to give to your dad this Father's day!

homemade fathers day gifts

homemade fathers day gifts

What You Will Need:

key ring

leather cord or hemp

2 decorative beads (we used Jewelry Essentials: Naturals - ancient beads)

3 round wooden beads

2 silver beads

Step 1:

Cut a piece of cord 15" long. Then, fold the cord in half.

Step 2:

Attach the cord to the key ring using a lark's head knot. To do this, place the folded end of the cord next to the key ring, and then bend the end around the key ring. Then feed the other ends of the cord through this loop, and pull it tight. See the photos below.

Larks head knot Larks head knot Larks head knot

Step 3:

Make a knot in the cord as close to the lark's head knot as possible. This will keep the lark's head knot from becoming too loose.

Step 4:

Now start threading on the beads. The pattern that we used was:

silver bead

wooden bead

decorative bead

wooden bead

silver bead

wooden bead

decorative bead

Step 5:

Make a knot as close to your last bead as possible. Now cut the remaining cord to leave the desired length of tail.

Now your key chain is done!

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Cathy Says:

THANK YOU for this - you don't know how much you have helped me out with it! Great Idea!!!

Cathy Says:

This is awesome, so simple yet it looks great, thanks for sharing!!!

Tess Says:

I love this idea , something the children can actually put together themselves. Thank you

Lynn Says:

Great gift idea! Even younger kids could do this project.

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